With water timers, you can automatically circulate water around your garden and lawn on a recurring basis. Both digital and mechanical water timers enable you to maintain the growth of healthy plant thereby allowing you to participate in other activities. In addition, these irrigation timers facilitate the efficient use of water by automatically shutting down and turning on the flow within a specified period of time. Hose timers, popularly known as sprinkler timers serve as the connector to the hose with support from a sprinkler attached to the outdoor water spout. There are numerous reasons why you should opt for the best sprinkler timers. Here are some of the major reasons you need to acquire one today!

Avoiding Water Waste

Most areas in California have set the water conservation requirements and standards. In some communities, they will allow you to water your garden 3 days per week during a specific set of hours. Your timer will do the job even if you are not at home.

Also, although it always seems like only a little water is being wasted in hand-watering, but the fact is that there can be more of that. Anytime you carry around your hose, you are wasting precious resources onto your pathways or onto the lawn directly. A hose timer attached with a robust drip irrigation system ensures that the water circulated around the garden are efficient and done with a specific period of time.

Different Ecosystems, Different Water Needs

Most gardeners grow more than one variety of plant. In fact, there is a diverse range of plants grown on the average person’s yard, and the fact is that they require a different amount of moisture. In addition, you are applying water from the top using a hose, which implies that you are susceptible to various diseases like powdery mildew. It can be worrisome at times.

Using a hose timer that comes with multiple outlets help to ensure that you run different hoses to different plant products, for instance, you can run a hose to your tomato patch and another one to your succulents and set the timers for a different quantity of water and at different schedules. Note that this task will be performed automatically thereby allowing you to partake in other activities.

Home Security… Sprinkler?

This tool deters the thief. For instance, a thief may come into your neighborhood to come and carry out an unwholesome activity but he/she may assume that someone is present at home at that moment due to the automatic running of the sprinkler. Although many people equip their lights with automatic timers to serve as a security measure, your hose timer can also perform this task. Though it wasn’t initially designed to be used as a home system, it also offers its benefits!

Ease and Simplicity

Hose timers help saves time. If you go on a long journey, you don’t have to worry about your garden because your water timer will ensure that your garden doesn’t lack water. Even while at home, this tool is also beneficial. You will never miss your watering schedule and you can also carry out garden maintenance while your plants are being watered.

In fact, we have some advanced model available on the marketplace that can be controlled through the internet. You can even use your phone or another device to set the schedule. With this, there is no need to rush outside to water your garden.