Competition is crucial. It really is because it ensures that only the cream rises to the top. No amount of connections, no amount of faking it until you make it, and no amount of public relations will make garbage float to the top. It’s only the cream. And that’s only possible through an open and competitive system.

This is definitely true when it comes to the NEET exam in India. Every single year, only the most driven, focused, intelligent and self sacrificing individuals make it all the way through this gruelling process. This way, India and other countries get a crop of truly qualified doctors. Nobody gets a pass. Nobody takes it easy.

You should channel the same competitive process when looking for the best solar pool heater. Reviews, believe it or not, are all about competition because when you go to a web page that lists Best Solar Pool Heater-Reviews & Ratings 2018 models, you know that they are focused on 2018 solar pool heater models and they line them up.

These reviews line them up in a certain way. We’re not talking about just a random profile of a product with changing emphasis on features, benefits and other attributes. Instead, high quality reviews use the same quality measurements for all products.

They are standardized. They never change. This way, consumers can easily tell which product lives up according to these quality parameters and which fall between the cracks. Since all products are pretty much ‘sliced and diced’ in terms of specifications, features, and capabilities and other intrinsic numbers, each product unit gets a chance to rise and shine against the competition. There are no features hidden or played up.
Not surprisingly, lining up products based on their features in a clear, clean, and easy to understand way, makes zeroing in on the right numbers or other decision points so much easier. You don’t have to try to make heads or tails of the whole review. You don’t have to reinterpret the review. Instead, everything is easy to figure out because the numbers are laid out clearly.

This makes making a decision so much easier.

Focus on the proper formatting. Focus on whether the features being compared make a lot of sense as far as your particular set of circumstances are concerned. Once you’re able to do this, you would be able to make a truly informed decision.

It’s all about making an informed decision because you don’t want to regret your call later on. At the very least, when you make a truly informed decision, you won’t be sorely disappointed. You may be disappointed, but not so much. It may not have been perfect, but at least it gets the job done right.

In many cases, in this context, the whole idea of a standard of “good enough” make all the sense in the world. Still, do yourself a big favor, if you truly want to find the very best solar pool heater, use competitive reviews and ratings. There’s really no other way to do it.