Do you intend to create a travel vlog and interact with your audience, but you are yet to make a decision about the best vlogging camera for YouTube? Consider yourself lucky because this article was crafted specifically for you! In this article, I will be talking about some of the cameras perfect for YouTube to enable you to make an informed decision and create your fantastic travel videos!

Vlogging is the rave of the moment. And I must admit that it is growing fantastically on a daily basis. Every day, we now have people especially online influencers who create videos using Facebook or YouTube to engage with a wider audience. So, if you are yet to decide about whether you want to start a vlog or not, this is the best time to start the process.

Now, due to the numerous products and contents available out there, how can you select a good vlogging camera to meet your needs and requirements? Let us first talk about the essential features of a vlogging camera.

How to select the best vlogging camera

There are lots of important features that should be considered when shopping for the best camera suited for YouTube vlogging.

Portable and lightweight

As a traveler, I am sure you wouldn’t want to carry around bulky appliances. Many vlogging cameras available on the marketplace are lightweight and portable. Select the one that is easy to carry and pack wherever you go.

Flip Screen

The use of a flip screen will assist you whenever you are recording yourself. It will enable you to check the frame components as well as figure out your look on the screen. It is also beneficial when shooting at the surface level to enable you to implement some clips by using a different angle than the conventional one. A screen that can rotate at 180 degrees is perfect for vlogging.

Optical Image stabilization

Always select a vlogging camera with fantastic image stabilization. Shaky videos are not interesting to watch. They are amateurish and it will drive people away from your channel after few second.

Low light performance

Opt for a vlogging camera that features good capabilities when recording in low light conditions. When you are shooting during the night period or in your home, it is always necessary to opt for a camera that can boost the ISO (level of sensitivity to light) without generating too much noise (the grain in low-light areas).

Possibility to shoot in 4k

In this present time, most cameras have the capability to shoot video at complete HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, perfect for making vlogging videos, but if you intend to create high-quality videos, I suggest that you opt for a camera with 4k resolution.

Wide-angle lens

It is best to opt for a vlogging camera that has a wide lens. I recommend a camera with at least 24mm lens which is perfect for travel vlogging as it enables you to capture a wider background behind you. With this, people will have a requisite knowledge about your surroundings and they will be able to understand the message you intend to pass across clearly.

Microphone input

I will advise that you opt for a camera equipped with a microphone port. We still have some cameras that don’t have this feature. So, you might need to attach a USB microphone or an extra recorder.

Easy to use

The ideal vlogging camera should also be easy to operate. I am sure you wouldn’t want to expend time setting all the buttons and dials before shooting.