In the modern era, the internet is the basic need and you cannot keep your kids away from using it. They need to access the internet for getting the study material, for getting in touch with the friends etc. but it is essential to keep a track of their activities so that they do not get involved in something that can be dangerous. To make it easier for the parents to keep a track of the activities of the kids, there are many spying apps available. One can download the app in the smartphones and easily espiar (spy) on the activities without even letting the kid know that they are being monitored. You can also see the messages and record the calls.

With the use of a spy app, businesses can also spy on their employees in order to ensure that they are not sharing any confidential information about the company with others. The spy program comes loaded with a lot of features some of which are as follows:

SMS tracking

This feature allows you to see and read the messages on the device. With the help of this app, you can see the messages of social platforms and other instant messaging services. You can not only read the message but can also find to whom they are sent. Also, you are able to discover the exchange of videos and photos.

Record all calls 

This software records all incoming and outgoing calls in a sequential way in spied cells with time along with the contact information. It is essential to know with whom your child is talking to, so this function is necessary to follow up and avoid future tragedies.

Listen to and record all the calls in real time

This is a great feature that not many apps offer. This feature allows you to listen to and record all the calls in real time with full secrecy. All calls are fully recorded from beginning to the end and stored in the database so you can hear them any time of the day.

Internet history

This feature enables you to see the internet history of the phone. Even if you block sometimes, kids are smart enough to access them. You can check out the history of the phone to see if your child is using such sites. You will also get all the details like the time and date when the site was visited.

Track the location

The app also allows you to track the location of your child in case he is on a trip. With help of GPS system, you can get to know whether your child is really on the trip or is saying a lie. The tracking has a detailed history of the routes for a period of time. It is a great function to check the location of your children and provide the satisfaction that the child is safe.

Take a screenshot

If you are not able to control photos and videos of the phone information then you can take a screenshot of any content to know what type of content is observed on the target cell. You don’t need to catch up at the same moment but also you can see this later.