Inversion tables are majorly used for pain reduction that occurs in the back. The designed makes it look like a hammock. It can be curved backward and fold out straight just like a chair. The table has many straps for support and it can also be bend to a particular degree. The primary use of the table is to help relieve back pain. Someone active can suffer pain in the back and this can result in several other ailments like difficulty in walking, sitting and even lying. Check this article for further information on different inversion tables.


The table helps people in stretching their back far above what they can do by themselves. This therapy can be very useful for people with chronic back pain. There are several other uses and they include weight loss because you will be able to use the inversion table to do sit up which is very much easier compared to the traditional way of doing it. With the use of the table, you do not have to force yourself, all you have to do is sit-ups. Doing sit-ups can be very useful as it can be connected with back pain, so then the best inversion table can assist to alleviate it.

It is, however, more advisable to read the instruction manual before using the machine. But more importantly, you need to consult your doctor before trying anything new.

There are many places you can buy from, but the best place would be the internet. You can scroll through several websites and choose from a wide collection of brands with different prices. There are stores around your environment for departmental stores that have them. The price ranges from $200to $1000. The ones that are cheap are always manual, while the ones with a motor are more expensive.