There are numerous common techniques for using powdered leaf, but the most popular techniques are  “toss and wash“, preparation as a tea, and mixing with food. In addition, kratom can also come in form of soaps or capsules. But, first and foremost, the leaves you get from must be crushed into powder.

The leaves can be crushed using your bare hands and you should be careful when collecting the resulting dust using a piece of water carefully placed on the table. Also, dried leaves can be added to an empty pepper mill (I suggest that you use a new one to ensure that they are not altered), and crush them into a powder, or use a blender or small food processor to accomplish the task, but take into account some of the kratom dust that stuck itself to the blades. Read on to find out about some simple usage techniques:

For “Toss and wash”, you will put the powder into your mouth and then wash it down with a liquid. This method is quite difficult but it is likely to give the most potent effects. The power has little or no moisture content and will stick to your throat or mouth thereby causing lots of people to have discomfort while using the product. While utilizing this technique, I suggest that you spoon small amounts at a time.

You can also mix the Super Green Malaysian with your food. You can decide to mix it with apple or ice cream or mix it with protein shakes or chocolate milk. Always know that Kratom has a robust flavor and may not form a homogeneous mixture when mixed with certain foods. Also, the efficacy of Kratom will not be reduced if taken with small amounts of food.

If prepared as a tea, it will produce an effective product. However, always keep in mind that only powdered leaf can be used to produce tea. Avoid using extracts. First measure about 1 teaspoon of powdered leaf. Make sure that you use 2-4 cups of warm water. The quantity of water will determine the potency of the flavor but it doesn’t change the effects produced because all effects are exactly the same regardless of the quantity used.

Pour the kratom powder into a container or a large cup with a pour lip and add the boiling water to it. Mix it thoroughly together to form a homogeneous mixture. Always ensure that you have removed all clumps of the dry powder. Always add sugar, artificial sweeter, or honey (it cuts off the bitterness) and stir. When using artificial sweetener, it is best to start with 2 packets. Let it cool down for at least 15 minutes and stir occasionally.

Once the mixture has cooled, ensure that the powder settles to the bottom. Pour the tea into a container and enjoy! If you wish you can add more sweetener or ice cubes or water to suit your taste. It will always produce an effect as long as you consume the whole liquid.

Users of kratom strains have advised that using the super green Malaysian strain helps evoke the feeling of wellness and allow someone to perform his/her daily activities with a sound mind and mental alacrity. To get the best out of this product, follow the guidelines highlighted above.