It is usually said that when a new Company is trying to build a good reputation, first impressions are usually extremely valuable. It is often said a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover but it does seem that covers matter at a time when a visitor to a website spends only about 5 seconds in deciding whether the website is worth his or her time. So, it is only reasonable that the designers that one hires to design logo and web designs are competent since the logo and web designs are important. But what are the criteria for determining the competence of a web or logo designer? Aside from the skill, there are other criteria to be considered before making the decision to create logo online free.

Logo and Web Examples

Samples of logos are a great way to determine if a logo design firm is competent. Spend a few minutes going through samples of logo pages. Take time to consider if there are other designs or if they are all the same. This will help you discover the level of creativity of the design firm.

The next thing to do is to check out the designs to see if they are clean. Clear and clean lines indicate that the designs were not done hastily. This is significant due to the fact that a good number of logo and web design Firms brag about their ability to come up with design ideas in a matter of a few days and this usually turns out to be of low quality.

Infinite Modifications

In order to know if a logo designer believes in the quality of his work, you should see if he provides infinite modifications. A good number of logo design firms only provide between 2 to 3 modifications and do not care if you end up not liking the design after that.

On the contrary, expert logo designers sufficiently believe in themselves and are willing to provide infinite modifications due to the fact that they know from experience that the job will be completed before the fifth modification. So finally, the job still gets completed before the end of the week.

Scalable Formats

The file format in which your final logo design is sent to you matters. This is due to the fact that many firms give the final designs in Bitmap formats such as; GIF, PNG or JPEG; which may be suitable for use on the web but not for print.

You should make sure that you get the final logo designs in scalable vector format such as SVG. This helps you enlarge the logo design without altering its quality.

Money Back Guarantee

Lastly, make sure that the logo design firm provides a complete financial guarantee on all their logo creations. This guarantee should not be subject to any processing or administrative fees or that you may end up with just a percentage of the money when you do initiate a refund request.

If you are resolute on designing a logo for free then you should carry out a web research in order to access any design program or app that is both user-friendly and free so that can create your logo in real time.