Printed t-shirts are always in trend, it could be graphics, animals, music, superheroes or anything. Not just teenagers but people of every age group love printed t-shirts. You can visit the site of Teesnow if you want to buy some cool printed t-shirts at reasonable rates. You can find a vast variety of t-shirts in the market but how to choose the best one whose print is long lasting and which is going to be comfortable for your gym and work out? Here is a brief explanation of the different processes of printing to figure out which one is most suitable for you:

Silkscreen printing – Professionals prefer silk printing method the most because of its high quality and durable designs. They are also cost-efficient for bulk orders. In this method, there is a nylon net which holds the design in the frame and a stencil for different designs. When you paint over the stencil, it runs all over the frame and only the design gets printed onto the t-shirt, as the non-design area which has to left untouched is covered with wax and it blocks the ink from going down onto the t-shirt. Thus, you get your final printed t-shirt.

In this, method, you can use only one stencil for one color, this might sound like a disadvantage but it’s actually not as compared to other methods because you can print as many t-shirts you want with just one stencil, unlike other methods where you can use one stencil for only one print. This makes it the most cost-efficient process and ideal for large orders.

DTG – Direct to Garments also known as DTG is a super fast process and ideal for complex designs for t-shirt printing. This process needs colored ink and textile printer which will print your designs on the t-shirts. You would have seen how your computer prints papers when you give the command to print the provided designs. It is very similar to that process but with a big machine. Your textile printer is connected to your computer where you feed the design and it prints that design over your t-shirt.  It is a mess-free process and you don’t have to worry about a single stain and spill of ink. Also, you will get the smoothest prints from this process.

Dye sublimation – If you have any light fabric t-shirt and it has design all over it that means it is a product of dye sublimation printing. Although the machine is a costly investment, results can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Just make sure to never use a cotton t-shirt because it won’t result in a good print.

In this process, a printing machine prints the design in the shape of the shirt. Then two pages of the same design are put in the press machine where the t-shirt is kept between the two design papers. When it is pressed with pressure inside the machine; the t-shirt soaks up all the design from both the sides and results into a very beautiful all-over print. They are ideal for sports clothes and other breathable clothes as they won’t fade and are comfortable to wear.