Most conventional sewing appliances will create a zig-zag stitch that you can apply when sewing knit clothing materials. Nevertheless, this isn’t the perfect way to incorporate a hem into a knit fabric due to the stretchability feature. I advise that you opt for a coverstitch machine instead. A coverstitch that makes use of two needles allows you to select either a wide or narrow cover stitch. If you intend to work with lightweight fabric, then this machine is a must. For a thicker fabric, a wider cover stitch is required.

A cover stitch device easily allows you to leave out a stitch if you made a previous mistake. This is because the loop stitch located at the neck can be pulled which in turn removes the stitch automatically. There is also another way to lock the stitch once you are satisfied with the result.

A good number of the cover stitch machines enable you to sew with more than one needles thereby creating a different stitch which depends on the number of needles used.

How Do I Select The Best Coverstitch Machine?

There are numerous factors to consider when shopping for the best cover stitch machine that is ideal for you.


Coverstitch machines offer features that allow you control the tension of the needle thread, usually through a lever or dial. Some cover stitch machine models come with extra tension features that enable you to regulate the tension when you are sewing with thicker clothing materials such as fleece.

Stitch Length

Always note that shorter stitch will deliver more durability. This is because the stitch is tight thereby making the garment stronger. A longer length stitch is ideal for temporary stitches or for decorative stitches.

For heavier fabrics, they use longer stitches, at a length of around 4mm while the decorative fabrics employ shorter length stitches, at an average length of 2mm.

The feed dog is the part that creates the stitch length and it directs the fabric to the ground surface of the needle. The feed dogs are placed under the fabric and it moves as the needle moves in tandem with the stitch dimension required.

The feed dogs create this movement with shorter strokes for the creation of short length stitches and they also do the same with longer strokes to facilitate the development of long length stitches.

Stitch Width

The stitch width is simply the width of the needle as it moves from one edge to another while you are sewing. Wider stitches are ideal for raw edges to create blind hemming and buttonholes. If you intend to sew a straight line, make sure that you set the stitch width to zero.


The machine speed is essential especially when you are working on multiple projects at a time and it requires a faster workflow. If you use basic fabrics and you are professional, you can apply the faster speed settings to enable you to quickly finish your garments.

Regardless of the reason you need additional space for another machine or considering the price rate, it is important to invest in the best cover stitch machine as an advanced sewing enthusiast or professional.

Sewing is fun, but it is not enough to have the required knowledge and skills because the tools can either make the hobby fun or stressful. When you acquire the right equipment, accessories and machines, I assure you of success and increased productivity.