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We need your help to get the word out. As you can tell from our mission and vision statement, this website is all about telling the world the wonderful things Indian medical education can offer. There are Indian doctors proudly serving in all four corners of the globe. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes to the high quality of medical training India has to offer to not just its own citizens, but people from all over the world who are looking to become doctors.

The great thing about getting an Indian medical education is that there are no barriers. The doors are open because, regardless of your age, regardless of your background, regardless of your academic concentration, as long as you pass certain thresholds, you can go to school here. You can become a doctor by passing the boards in your place of origin.

Keep in mind that the education that you will be getting is world class. So regardless of whether you are going to be applying for an equivalency exam in the United States, the United Kingdom, or anywhere in Europe or in Southeast Asia and any point in between, you can rest assured that the information that you have accumulated, thanks to your Indian medical school education, would not be in vain. It would not be worthless. It would not only be highly relevant to the equivalency test and accreditation exams that you take, it also is practical. This is the key to Indian medical school training.

While there are tons of cutting edge and latest research materials that you would have access to, the bottom line is that you are getting this training so you can help people in the real world. What’s the point of getting all this information in your brain and it just stays there? The whole point of medical training is so you can help people in the real world right here, right now.

This is the philosophy that informs all of Indian medical training, and this is also the philosophy that drives this website. This is why we’re so excited in sharing all sorts of resources, whether you are just thinking of applying or you’ve already applied or you have passed and you are looking to take the next step, this is the place to be.

We also share testimonials of students. If you have been accepted or you’re already going to med school, we would like to hear from you because your story is inspirational. You may not think that it’s all that inspirational, but believe us, somehow, some way, somebody will find some value in your testimonial, so the more the merrier.

Regardless of what your particular experience is, send us an email so we can post it online and share your knowledge, expertise and compassion towards others who want to walk the same path as you.

Share Interview Opportunities

If you are associated with any kind of Indian medical school, we’d like to hear from you because we’d love to interview you. Whether it’s the dean or the person in charge of admissions, we’d like to get their word, and possibly pick their brains as to how your particular school’s internal admissions process work.

We want to get this information so people from all over the world can make an informed choice as to whether to apply to your school or not. At the very least, we want them to get a realistic view of what it’s like to get admitted to an Indian medical school program so they can plan accordingly.

Send Feedback

If you just have a suggestion or you have some sort of feedback, let us know. It doesn’t have to be particularly relevant. It doesn’t have to be specific to any particular page. If you just get some sort of impression that you think would take this website to the next level, let us know because we’d like to hear about information that can help us possibly upgrade and improve this website.

We Need Your Help in Improving This Site

In addition to sharing resources, testimonials and interview opportunities, we also need your help in getting this site in order. As you probably can tell, this site, just like any other website on the internet, is a work in progress. There’s no such thing as a perfect website just as there is no such thing as a perfect person. There’s always room for improvement. There are always things that we have overlooked. There are always issues when certain things clash. This happens all the time, and this should be expected.

With that said, we know that if you click through the website, there might be broken links, there might be bad navigation issues, or you might run into all sorts of unclear information. If you run into any of these issues, do let us know because we pay close attention to this feedback and we will fix broken links and clear up bad navigation.

The more information you give us, the better this website becomes. That really is the bottom line. Also, if you come across bad information or out of date information, do let us know because we will quickly update the relevant information gladly.