At present, we have numerous free phone tracker apps available on the internet that can be downloaded on their official sites, file sharing services, and social networks. People are often in a dilemma about which app is the ideal choice. This review offers you with the top cell phone tracking apps to select from. There have been numerous and thorough customer reviews concerning these apps. These top tracking apps were built by remarkable developers. A thorough analysis of this software as seen on reveals that they have enormous spying tools and also have high rating reviews from users and developers. That is why many consider them as the most affordable and convenient.

These programs come with similar functions and features that make them stand out among the numerous variety of related software. In this article, it provides the reviews of both the free and paid tracking apps with their numerous spying features.

The main function of the Mobile tracker software is tracking and spying. It is usually considered important because it can quickly recover a lost or stolen device without connections or signals. New innovations and technologies are coming up regularly and the modern society has continued to embrace them. Young children can now access numerous varieties of devices, using tablets and smartphones from different manufacturers and brands.


Mobile Spy will suit your spying needs and also help you monitor cell phones used by kids. Often, parents are worried about the safety and interaction of their kids and loved ones with other people. Most of these interactions happen on social media platforms related to Facebook and they regularly communicate via calls and SMS which may worry parents. Mobile Spy offers the perfect solution. This cell phone tracking application grants access to parents to monitor their kids. They can assist their kids not to get into trouble such as being bullied via the internet or being victims of other harmful behavior. The price of the software is approximately $49.97 and comes with the simple installation.

SpyEra phone tracker

SpyEra tracker app comes with one of the best spying and tracking features. With it, it is extremely easy to track the equipment activity of another person. The price of the software is $149. This software is ideal for business owners who want to monitor and track the online actions of their workers while they use the company devices. It is extremely useful as it helps them to keep note of the employees’ activities thereby preventing them from disclosing confidential information. Couples and even spouses can use this software tracking app. It helps the partner to ascertain the level of faithfulness of his/her other partner. Another plus is its affordability and simplicity.


SpyBubble mobile tracking app is ideal for parents who want to ensure that their kids avoid trouble. The app costs $49.95 and is suitable for the majority of people. With the use of this software. Parents can check the actions being undertaken on their children’s accessories without being noticed. They can monitor calls, social sites usage, SMS messages, keeping the parents in a calm state. The app features GPS location. It allows parents to see the location of their kids on their targeted devices at any given time without contacting them.