Louis Vuitton is more like the most counterfeited fashion brands out there. Louis Vuitton has produced various lines of bags annually; ranging from canvas monogram, Damier Azur, epi, Vernis, just to name a few of their outside finishes. Authentication can be quite overwhelming with all of this. Therefore, we have invested our time to put together a guide that is similar to a beginner guide to authenticating Louis Vuitton bags. Kindly Enjoy!

When you are authenticating Louis Vuitton purses, it is important that you pay close attention to various details: leather, inside lining, stitch trim, hardware details, alignment/monogram pattern, d-rings, etc. If an only if you are quite familiar with the brand will authenticating be easy because there are just too many details. Therefore, let us look at 3 of the most vital authentication features that are applicable to all Louis Vuitton bags.

Louis Vuitton Stamping

The main LV stamp is very important to assist in authenticating any of their products, and most times, it can assist you in determining if a bag is fake or authentic.

Features You Need To Pay Attention To:

  1. Study the general font and its alignment
  2. The lettering must be thin, very crisp and clear.
  3. The T’s are virtually making contact or perhaps they are so close it actually looks like they are touching each other
  4. The O’s are very round and they seem a lot bigger than the L
  5. The tail on the L is very short


In general, it has been observed that fake Louis Vuitton bags are of poor quality hardware. Actually, some are colored plastic. If you closely observe the imprinting made on the hardware, you can be sure on time if the bag you are holding is a fake or an original.


Not all Louis Vuitton bag designed before the early 1980s came with a datecode, but the majority of the Louis Vuitton bags in circulation come with a datecode. Datecodes help in providing the place and date of manufacturing of the bag to the consumer. This is because many datecodes provide the country the bag originated from, which can also be a point to look out for if the bag is actually authentic or fake.